The Vault of Darom Madar, Session 6

Adventure Plan


Name Level Sex Race Class Role Player
Kindrok 2 Male Half-giant Companion Character Defender Anthony
Korvin 2 Male Human Warlock Striker Anthony
Quistine 2 Female Halfling Ranger Striker Sarah
The Will 2 Male Human Shaman Leader Matt
Inactive PCs
Channe 2 Female Human Ardent Leader Jenn
Vistna 2 Male Dray Battlemind Defender DM


The characters are in the middle of Slave Coffer. They have killed Jost (the caravan leader of the Resherek caravan), all his guards (but one who fled) and defeated the Human Overseer (psionicist). However, unbeknownst to the characters, the caravan driver is still alive and well, having come out of his “office” after the combat had moved outside the wagon, dragged Jost (who is not in fact dead) back into his “office,” and bound his wounds. Jost: Human Dune Trader. Guards (6): Human Wasteland Raiders.

Session Notes

  • How far has the party gone? How many days to Tyr?
  • This session: Finish Slave Coffer, Fearmongers, possibly Kank Crossing, and the ultimate encounter of Vault. Revenge of the Jura Dai isn’t going to happen because Jenn’s not here, so we’ll have to save that for another day. I’d also love to do Slave Beating and possibly Sorry Wretch, but I don’t have them written up, so…
  • So now that they’ve killed (almost) everybody, what are they going to do with the 20 beautiful, scantily clad Drajian concubines? All human/half elf/elf(?) males should roll…something…to see if they are smitten by at least one of them. Chari’s a good name.
  • What’s Jost going to do? Hide? Come out fighting? Just move the caravan along? Problem is, mekillots don’t move faster than a man can run, unless they’re charging, which they can’t do for long. However, the handler (a psionicist, but not a combatant one…stats? Call him a minion—Human Slave) can make the mekillots (2) attack the characters if he can maneuver them properly. But Jost can’t really fight; his wounds have been bound and he’s conscious, so he can give orders, but a single hit will put him down again (he’s at 1hp with no healing surges. This is not strictly kosher, but I’m the DM).
  • Again ask Korvin about his intentions once Tyr is reached, especially in regards to betraying the party. Note that he is moving farther and farther toward Unaligned.
  • Here’s an evil idea: two random encounters at once. In the middle of Kank Crossing, begin Fearmongers. That promises maximum confusion.
  • Put out the whiteboard for player notes, etc.
  • Look over the next part of the module and make notes.
  • Pre-enter monsters into your initiative tracker.
  • Try to give experience after each encounter.
  • Don’t forget to time the session & take regular breaks (10 minutes every two hours).
  • Determine the date. Jenn’s not going to help here, apparently.
  • Don’t forget to do “water checks” (i.e. ensure characters subtract survival days).
  • Don’t forget to roll weather. This can be done before the session.
  • I really need to work on environment description. This just ain’t happening so far.
  • Give Anthony some RP XP for his handling of Korvin last session in Vault Session 2 (this won’t happen until I get a session log).
  • Kindrok is a continuing issue. Until a) Anthony responds to the long email I sent out on the subject and b) works up an entire character, per the rules, for Kindrok, he’s staying a companion character. Period.
  • Note to the characters that they have a new major quest: Reaching Tyr with the caravan intact (done; note in session log).
  • RP XP for Korvin for Vault session 5 (don’t recall for what).

Adventure Notes

  • Don’t forget to add skill challenges to Road to Tyr.
  • Think about the PCs’ histories when developing this adventure. They could meet known NPCs on this road…
  • For that matter, make sure that each character has an NPC or two in their history. DMG2 has guidelines on this.
  • What I’d like to do is make that random encounter table a true list of encounters (and events); i.e. don’t just list monsters and event types; work up a bunch of actual encounters so that a random encounter can be run out of the box.
  • Don’t forget to add the Jura Dai! At some point, they are traveling the road and recognize Channe. They tracked the entire party for a while, ultimately to no avail (especially as the party split up), and they gave up. But now they see their chance for revenge. Refresh your memory about exactly what happened there.
  • Work up Rhotan; at least to the extent of a character description.
  • Create a Random Encounter Table for Road to Tyr. Some of these encounters should definitely be skill challenges.
  • So Vistna/Kistna/Manish is planning on abandoning the party in the Red Kank to go meet Ktandeo. I was already planning on having the Red Kank be the wineshop for Freedom 1C—Preservers! Manish leaving conveniently leaves a seat empty for Mahlanda! I love it when synergy happens. Also, I’m sure that she will rush past Manish on his way out.
  • I’m irritated; this would have been a fantastic time to integrate puzzles into the game. Sadly and frustratingly, making the undead non-self-willed without adding puzzles or the like killed all the possible roleplay in the dungeon. Arg. I’d like to see a lot of skill challenges replaced with player puzzles.



Day 1: (8) Very Hot/Cool, wind moderate/light from the west (wind in this region nearly always blows from the west. In Tyr, that wind is relatively cooling. West of the Wastes, it’s scorching)
Day 2: (7) Very Hot/Cool, wind no change.
Day 3: (6) Hot/Cool, wind no change.

The entire journey to Tyr is roughly 200 miles; 125 miles to the stony barrens south of Tyr, 75 miles from there to Tyr. Figure out the party’s speed and calculate how long this journey will take.


Don’t forget the skill checks from p. 19 for any combat encounters. So far, none of the hands have been hit.

Planned Encounters

Refer to The Vault of Darom Madar.

Slave Coffer

See notes above.

A house Resherek mekillot wagon is stopped by the side of the road for the night. 20 slave concubines being transported from Draj to be sold in Tyr (or elsewhere) are resting in the night air behind the wagon. In they day they travel inside, but at night they are allowed out. However, they are still tied to a rope affixed to the back of the wagon.

Kank Crossing/Fearmonger

The Terror of Tsalaxa

Looks like this takes place in the sandy wastes as the characters near Tyr. The fact that they’ll likely be on the road at that point doesn’t really matter; there’s not a whole lot of difference between road and not-road in the Wastes. It takes place in the morning, not long after the caravan gets started. They come in from…what, the north? Definitely from one or the other side of the road.

Random Encounters

Refer to The Vault of Darom Madar. Once they are out of that adventure, use the following:

Kank Crossing

Cloud Ray

Antloid, desert

Pending Events

  • The death of Kalak, obviously. Right now that doesn’t have it’s own fixed date, but I’d like to schedule it on some sort of astronomically significant date. The merchant calendar will help with this, I think.

Campaign Notes

  • Holy crap! Looking at the Defiler Assassin description (p. 31, Dungeon 181), I realize how I can compensate defiling wizards (& sorcerers, probably) for the fact that they always defile/have to defile when they memorize their spells—they can damage their enemies with their defiling! Though I’m really not sure how that works with the lore; I thought only dragon magic took energy from animal life. Have to look into this. Still, it’s promising.

Rules Notes

  • Direction Sense is a DC 10 Nature check most of the time aboveground, DC 15 when the sun and stars are obscured, 5 DC when on a road or path the direction of which was originally known. Belowground (or in town when the sun and stars cannot be seen), it is a 15 DC Dungeoneering check—20 in the dark. (The rules only say that it’s a Common Dungeoneering check belowground.)
  • I think I used to keep game time by timing non-combat time and adding in travel and rest time. This is not a bad idea.
  • Take a look at Skills. There’s a thread that has some interesting ideas on the subject, like a subskill for every trained skill, and, in particular, revamping Dungeoneering to be Engineering and having Nature for animals of all natures.


  • Find or make a standard format for NPCs. Not for mechanics; for flavor. A walkthrough generator would be ideal.
  • Add weather forecast to this sheet—perhaps to Pending Events.
  • Implement some critical fumble method.
  • Guidelines for the Adventure Log. Need general descriptions of campaign events, general description of battles & encounters (who & why; NOT blow-by-blow) and outcomes. Optional: Interesting or amusing events & actions, and lists of loot. In particular, need description of what was going on at the end of the session and party’s intent for next session. Perhaps make a template? The idea is to be able to refresh our memory as to what was going on even if there has been a several month hiatus between gaming sessions, and to give newcomers an outline of what has happened.
  • How to speed up (non-combat) play encourage envolvement?
  • Look over everyone’s character sheets and make sure that they are within the rules, that their abilities are justified by their character histories, to better understand the character, and for plot hooks. Try to keep track of their equipment as well.
  • Explain to me the lack of damage on Barbed Spear for the Human Wasteland Raider??


Combat Planner

Refer to the Combat Assistant app.


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