Freedom Notes

Notes on Freedom, extracted from the Adventure Log.



  • By the way, I wonder who the Tyrian Outlaws were running from?
  • Why is there so much confusion in Verdant Passage about how significant the bone amulets are? (Bonus XP if someone wants to draw them!) Because there is varying understanding of their significance. To Sadira they were intended to be an annoyance only, a way to distract Kalak and slow down construction until the Veiled Alliance could discover Kalak’s true plans. She believes this because the characters tell her this, because that’s what Aristiphaneles told them. As far as she’s concerned, they served their purpose. Tithian doesn’t know what they’re for; he only knows that Kalak insists that he find them. They don’t seem to be slowing down construction in a perceptible way; what’s the harm in putting invisible walls in already-constructed areas? Only Kalak understands their true significance; the invisible walls may or may not slow down construction, but they will accomplish something much more important: They will prevent the proper operation of the ziggurat by interfering with the flow of life energy into it. This could result in Kalak’s plan failing.
  • So why were the amulets constructed in Altaruk? Were there no magicians in Tyr accomplished enough? No. Making the amulets themselves is relatively trivial for an advanced wizard. However, the unbreakable spells and psionics protecting them from Kalak’s view are almost impossible to craft in secret within his sphere of influence. The last thing Kalak wants is things he can’t see in Tyr! In Altaruk this can be done without difficulty; there’s no one, really, to hide from.
  • Remember that Korvin is smitten by Kasia, a platinum-haired, fair-skinned, elegant beauty. Also remember that only 10 slave girls are left alive and with the party, including Chari, the ‘tough’ one. Other possible names: Devra, Dena, Evona, Kasia; more at Names for Kajirae.


  1. Plot holes
    1. The templars were looking for a “Renegade Preserver.” Most people have no idea what that is. However, that might explain why no one gave her up. Nobody likes a sorcerer, but if they have no idea what a Preserver is…
    2. Timor got passed by the party, but ended up conversing with Rhotan before the party arrived. Oops. How did this happen?
    3. There was another one I can’t recall ATM, I thought regarding the rescued half-elf.
  2. Review the timeline again, from every log. There was an apparent error in my date the session before they leveled to 3.
  3. For that matter, make sure that each character has an NPC or two in their history. DMG2 has guidelines on this.
  4. Work up Rhotan; at least to the extent of a character description.
  5. Note to the characters that they have a new major quest: Reaching Tyr with the caravan intact (done; note in session log).
  6. RP XP for Korvin for Vault session 5 (don’t recall for what).
  7. Give Anthony some RP XP for his handling of Korvin in Vault Session 2 (this won’t happen until I get a session log).

Freedom Notes

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