Freedom, Session 19

K.A. 190.26 - Priest's Defiance - Hexameron 29th(?) - Nighttime

Adventure Plan


Name Level Sex Race Class Role Player Luck
Mina 3 Female Human Warlord Leader Sarah
Haaku Uaari 3 Male Half-elf Cleric Leader Matt
Kindrok 2 Male Half-giant Fighter Defender DM
Urrgos 4 Male Half-giant Fighter Defender DM



The Revolt is beginning.


The entrance to the pens.




It’s getting downright chilly at night. Blankets are hard to come by, as they’ve mostly been taken by the stronger. The weakest, who have no blankets but need them most, are left to shiver in the cold. Occasionally it drops below freezing. There is dew every morning.



  1. Give out rumors at some point. Rumors currently given: 3, 6, 8, 10.
    1. Rumor notes: 1—it might be possible to enlist yourself for this
  2. Don’t forget to time the session & take regular breaks (10 minutes every two hours).



Weather forecast

It’s low sun, so -2 adjustment to the temperature chart. Wind doesn’t matter unless it’s Storm or better. Well, I suppose Strong would result in a nice breeze in the city.


2: Cool/cold, 6: Moderate/Light. However, any wind less than Strong is simply not noticed in the city.


2: Cool/cold, 6: Moderate/Light. However, any wind less than Strong is simply not noticed in the city.


2: Cool/cold, 6: Moderate/Light. However, any wind less than Strong is simply not noticed in the city.


3: Warm/cold, 6: Moderate/Light. However, any wind less than Strong is simply not noticed in the city.


5: Hot/cool, 6: None. Low Sun turns out to be unseasonably warm (to match the adventure descriptions of the heat of the day). This is really not that unusual.

Moon forecast

No moons to speak of. The moons are rising in early morning, with not much more than pale shadows of themselves visible. They rise earlier every day.


Completed—Part Three

B—To the Arena

So it looks like no characters will be gladiators. I’m fine with that. We can use alternate characters for the gladiator battles if we wish.

C—Management Potential

Planned—Part Three
Part Two Scenes: Enemies

Theft (in progress)



This is a really difficult one. Do I really want Mina and Urrgos to be set free? Is this even an option at this point, considering how the adventure is progressing? Perhaps this encounter will not happen at all.

I think, actually, that this works just fine as written, given who Mina is. I don’t mind if Urrgos escapes. If Mina stays out, Faldar will contact her anyway.

This may happen after Dispatches; I’m not sure what would be most effective.

I think so. It’s going to be a few days to put things back together. This means that Urrgos cannot die or escape, and that he doesn’t go along on Dispatches, which makes sense really. Only those Faldar knows—Mina and Haaku—will be invited.

D—Champion of the Cause

This is in progress. What happens? They can’t completely succeed, of course, but I would very much like to see some success, that sets the stage for the final rebellion in the stands.

Mina’s plan, to make as much havok as possible and cause a general riot which slows down the progress of construction, will probably carry the day, especially since her idea is very similar to several others, and she’s very likely to succeed on her Diplomacy check.

So here’s what happens: Her plan succeeds, there is general havok and chaos that sets the construction back a few days (which works because the actual dates are undefined right now, regardless of my logs). Many slaves die, but many guards and even some templars die as well. Some slaves even escape (Hivash is not seen again; perhaps he escaped!) Perhaps this is the time for those Battlesystem replacement rules. Depending on how Mina handles things, she might even live through this (she must conceal her leadership role in this rebellion if she expects to live).

This rebellion leads directly into Dispatches. She will be praised for killing so many slaves and setting back construction. She will also be told that there is a plan for the Games; hopefully her delay has bought enough time for it.


Mina has triggered a full-on slave revolt. Urrgos will get separated from the party early on, and not get reunited. He just got washed away by the flow of battle. He lives, and is retained as a slave after the revolt.

Mina, Kindrok, Marc, possibly Varis, Hakku and (soon) Eremas will fight through the low-level guards (4), then get stopped by the low-level templars (3, with possibly 4 level 1 guard shielding them). The party will realize they are screwed when they (probably) all get held by When this happens, Yarik will lead a charge of his dwarves with rudimentary weapons (primarily clubs, but an occasional axe), shouting, “For Water! For Hakku!” If they stay and fight, Yarik urges them onward.

After they engage the templars and guards, the PCs are free to move on. But before they can escape, they are confronted by Terric (Mid-level Templar) and 3 or 4 (depending on the state of the party) Level 4 Human Guards. This is the climactic battle; if they defeat Terric and all (or all but 1) of the guards, they win through and the slaves pour out. If not, they are returned to the pens. Mina will be strung up, alive, to die of exposure and thirst. Eramas and Kindrok will be killed outright. Hakku will be taken to the Guard shack, healed and offered a deal: He will be allowed to go back to the pens unharmed if he pledges not to be involved in any more subversive activity. This probably involves something of a power struggle between Terric and the guard captain, who wears a symbol of Water pinned to his armor. I’m not sure what will happen to Marc.

This should be a difficult, but not impossible battle. Consider dropping all of Terric’s defenses by 2. Also consider allowing the characters to take a short breather between the two encounters and spend some healing surges and regain some encounter powers (they are inspired and rejuvinated by Yarik’s entry).

Even if they fail, they succeed; a few slaves escape in the fray, many are killed, and the construction is set back.

Eramas may well die in the fight. If he does, he will stay dead. He may well share his story during the battle (after he joins in, which will be shortly after the fight begins, when Kindrok is involved in serious battle). Besides the story in Shackles: Eramas was raised a gladiator in Urik. His mother was a sweet woman, a house servant, who attempted to teach Eramas the value of honor and temperance. However, Eramas showed his ability at fighting at an early age, with unusual strength, yes, but more than that a reckless, all-out fighting style. He did not seek death, but death was not, in his view, much worse than slavery, so he had little to lose. After a year or two as a successful gladiator, rarely losing a match, he became companions and occasional battle partners with a half-giant gladiator from the same stable named Morg. One day, Morg committed some infraction in the sight of his master, Aekin Lubar, younger brother(? that doesn’t need to be settled here) of Maetan Lubar. Morg was beaten mercilessly while Eramas stood by. Eventually, Morg lashed out against his tormentors, killing Aekin. Morg then escaped, crashing his way out of the villa, and Eramas made two promises to himself: That he too would escape some day (he was forced back into the pens by the other guards before they set off after Morg), and that he would never again abandon a comrade in arms, or ignore injustice of the strong against the weak. Not very long after, he found his chance, slipped off into the wastes, and made his way to Tyr. Eramas will not reveal any of this unless asked, and will not reveal Morg’s name unless asked specifically (which Kindrok will do if he hears the story).


Given that it’s likely that Mina will escape, Faldar will psionically contact her and ask her to meet him in an alley somewhere that night. Faldar, a level 8(?) wizard, will cast a Change Other ritual, which is like Change Self except it’s level 10, can be cast on 1 other, and has a duration of 7 days (this ritual is on a scroll from an ancient treasure trove of some kind (stolen from a Sorcerer King’s hold?) that he has been saving for an emergency). If necessary, it can be modified to be cast on more than one person (for Hakku or whatever)

Faldar says “Meet me in the work area after dark.” The work area in the center of the pens is walled off with a low adobe wall, but it shouldn’t be that difficult to sneak in.

This makes a lot more sense given the changes we’ve put in place. Faldar is persona non grata with the main body of the VA, and nearly all of his allies were killed in the raid. He needs the PCs to act as his messengers to Etheros. I’m not sure what the message is about; possibly regarding some plan or another to interfere with Kalak’s plans at the games (not that anyone knows what they are). Yeah, that sounds right. However, their plans don’t work; the sealing of the gates disrupts them (possibly). Etheros, not knowing that the PCs are not in Faldar’s confidence, praises the PCs for causing so many slave deaths and disrupting the construction, and hints that, given the message they delivered, they have given the VA (i.e. Faldar’s faction, but he doesn’t let that out) time to implement some surprise for the Games. He wants the PCs to remain in the pens to cause further disruption both before and during the games.

Etheros gives Haaku, if he is there, a scroll of Iron Vigil, and all characters present a (bone) amulet of protection +1.

After consulting with Jason, we have come up with solutions to all of the plot holes engendered by Kindness of Strangers and Dispatches.

The mission into the pens is to kill as many slaves and guards as possible; with Ktandeo dead, the faction of the VA that favors more direct action and a more violent approach to defeating Kalak has become unbound and decided to act on its own to do whatever is necessary to slow down construction of the ziggurat, especially since it seems that the assassination plan has fallen through. This faction is led, more or less, by Faldar.

However, the plan goes awry. It was extremely bold: To sneak into the slave pens under cover of Invisibility and massacre the slaves. However, their plan was foiled by an over-alert Templar, who rouses his mates and manages to turn what would have been a simple massacre into an all-out fight. Most of Faldar’s accomplices were killed.

The rationale for his later contacting the PCs for a mission into town is that he is now persona non grata with the mainstream of the Tyrian VA, and most of his compatriots are dead or in hiding.

Sarah/Mina believes that Mahlanda is Sadira. She is not; I’m not sure what her role or importance is; perhaps it doesn’t matter. But she is not in Faldar’s faction.

Don’t forget that all of the major encounters in Part 1 lead to encounters in Part 2, and adventures after the module ends. These need to be worked out, as there are some incompletenesses and inconsistencies.



  • Chari has been taken into the Guard shack as a “pass-around girl.” With Mahlanda no longer there to protect her, her foreignness and haughty “silk slave” attitude put off the matron of the kitchens (a slave herself) enough that she no longer defended her from the guards, who have taken her into the guard shack as a continual sex slave. Neither the templars nor the guard captain are aware of this, or they would put a stop to it (for one thing, sex slaves are slaves not assisting with the Ziggurat. For another, prostitutes are freely available in town and having a girl in the shack is bad for discipline. Of course, the captain and the templars are paid well enough to have their own personal slaves if they wish). This is not the life Chari was prepared for. She has been trained to serve as a pleasure slave on command, of course, but she was a silk slave, not a paga girl; daily brutal gang rape is not something she’s used to. She is much abused, humbled and damaged.
    • I don’t know if this will ever come to the attention of Mina until after the adventure unless she takes the initiative to find out about it.
  • Also remember that there are several unusual races in the pens—gith, etc.
  • Remember that the weaker slaves are still dying off from the decreased rations.
  • Morrow 3rd is in 4 days.
  • Sunsickness rules for the Pens: Anyone who gets enough food and water during the day cannot worsen on their Endurance check the next morning.
  • A character with sun sickness who performs a Treat Disease Heal check is treated as not having full sustenance (i.e. “unsupplied” per p. 199, DSCS) for the purposes of their next Disease Endurance check.

To Do

Session Creation Order

  • Mina seems to have completely forgotten her promise to find and aid Chari. Where is Chari?
  • Make a detailed session plan/narrative. A bald encounter list is not enough. Imagine out every session before it begins.
  • Look—again—into a combat planner for iOS. I’m getting tired of using Sarah’s phone.
  • Have a note that says, "Heal disease overnight-no “full sustenance.” What does this mean?-
    • I think it means that if Haaku, for instance, stays up all night to do a Heal check on someone with sun sickness, they don’t get counted as having “full sustenance” for the next morning’s Endurance check (presuming they have sun sickness themselves).



Pending Events

  • The death of Kalak on Morrow 3rd.


The Verdant Passage

  • Hexameron 15: Kalak discovers the amulets, Sadira escapes and meets Ktandeo, Rikus is hurt by the Gaj, Tithian takes Agis’ slaves, Sadira is captured by Radurak.
  • Hexameron 17: Agis meets with other nobles in the Red Kank (p. 102, “two days” since Caro’s escape (possibly not the same day as he was taken? But it really seemed like it was.)
  • Hexameron 18 or 20: Radurak sells Sadira to Agis (some confusion there; Agis says that his meeting with Ktandeo on the 17th was “a few days ago,” but Sadira being captured by Radurak was clearly “three nights past.” (p. 140) Yeah, this is a serious problem. This has got to be at least the 20th: “In the days following the uprising in the square…” (p. 136). I think the author was counting three days from the incident at the Red Kank, which is incorrect. She was captured two days before that, so it’s actually been five days.
  • Hexameron 18 or 20: Tithian discovers passage from Ziggurat to Golden Tower, Caro contacts Tithian (“three days,” from when Caro was turned (or, more likely from the incident at the Red Kank), p. 154).
  • Hexameron 20 or 22: Agis meets Tithian in the stadium (“Two days earlier, when Agis set her free,” p. 168).
  • Hexameron 22 or 24: Agis meets with Ktandeo. Ktandeo dies. (“Two days” after Agis’ meeting with Tithian, p. 199)

The longer timeline makes more sense, and fits fine with the events of the campaign. It’s the 24th now, so Ktandeo dies tonight; in a couple of days, Kindness of Strangers will occur. I may forward the current date (since I deliberately set up a timelessness to the pens) to match that, since I want Kindness of Strangers to occur before Mina’s escape attempt. (Done. Jumped from 25th to 27th. This is still flexible though.)

Campaign Notes

Known NPCs

Kasia—Korvin’s concubine, rescued from trade caravan. Currently attached to an unknown templar (Larkyn).
Chari—slave girl rescued from trade caravan, attached to Quistine. Currently a slave in the pits (in the kitchens)
Mahlanda (her name is unknown to the party)—preserver the party saved from the templars. Currently a kitchen slave in the pits.
Terric—‘pissant.’ Slave pit overseer (at least one of them).
Korik—Korvin’s supervisor.
Fyrian Wynder—the half-elf the party saved from the wastes during Road to Tyr. Described on p. 61-2, City-State of Tyr. Of course they don’t know his name. An ally.
Rhotan Vor—We know who he is. No one actually has the Favor of House Wavir, but they might be able to get word to him to ask him a favor.
Ktandeo—Probably impossible to contact, he will not be willing to help.
Timor—A senior templar. Described in City-State of Tyr. An enemy.
Turloff—A wealthy merchant. Described in City-State of Tyr. An enemy.
Sadira—Probably impossible to contact. They have no idea how. In fact there is no one left in the party who has met her. Also true of Ktandeo. No one knows her name.
Hamash in Freedom. Now a pit slave.
Verrasi of Minthur—Nobleman. Object of hatred for the PCs. Described in Freedom.
Eremas. Views Kindrok as a boon companion and a comrade-in-arms. Described in Freedom.
Mandax—Templar, enslaved Quistine once. Described in Part 1C, Freedom.
Torban—half-giant commander; captured Kindrok. Described in Part 1D, Freedom.
Maku—dwarf overseer. Not sure what happened to him, as everyone got moved to Boss’ group.
Theindor—guard captain.
Yerik—dwarf elder.
Helon—Mul thug.
Cruerex—Informer. Described in Part 2D, Freedom.

Unused NPC names

  • Xebron


Combat Planner

Refer to the Combat Assistant app. Make sure to pre-enter monsters.


Calion Calion

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