Ashes of Ashes 1

Adventure Plan

Session Outline


After introducing yourself and having introductions around the table, ask the level of experience with Dark Sun and D&D each player has. Have they played before? Have they read the intro materials? Assure them that ignorance of the setting is fine; any questions can be answered at any time during the game—keeping in mind that we only have four hours.

Go over the basics of the setting and recent events; hand out setting info sheets(?). Determine everyone’s characters, and briefly go over the character sheet with anyone unfamiliar with 4e. Emphasize that this is a roleplaying-heavy game, even though we’ll have to keep the RP in check for time reasons. Nonetheless, as the Concept section suggests, it’s far better if you have a goal and a character personality in mind. Then go over Ashes of Athas, particularly the Concept section of the Campaign Guide. Also paraphrase the Roleplay section of the Baldman Games Organized Play document. Hand out Character Log Sheets.

Ask for brief bios of the characters, if possible. Do they have family? Friends in Tyr? What’s their goal? Why are they associated with the VA? General history? Do they have any items of especial value to them? What are the characters’ backgrounds? Themes?

Mention that this adventure will be continued in a slightly different format in at-home play, and hand out SyDarkSun flyers. Note that although inter-party strife is strongly discouraged for the purposes of this Con game, it is actively encouraged in SyDarkSun.

Rules lawyering: ideally, we will not look up rules while playing. If we’re not sure of a rule, I’ll make something up and we’ll run with it (and look it up between sessions if it matters). By the same token, if you want to try something cool that you’re not sure of the rule for or is even against the rules, ask me and I’ll try to find a way to make it work. The point is to have a fun, dramatic game. If the rules get in the way of that, then we work around the rules.

Roleplaying: Be descriptive! Describe your actions, and what others see when you take them. If you cast a spell, I may ask what you do while you’re casting, and what the effects look, sound or feel like. If you Mark a monster, I may ask what the enemy sees or feels that causes him to be marked. If you hit someone with a sword, describe that as well.

Read the introduction to the Campaign Guide aloud (first?)


  • Look over the PCs, try to ensure they’re up to spec, and pick which ones will be called out by the True (p. 4).


Guidelines for running AoA Pt. 1.

To bring

  • Tape
  • Bring “atmosphere” items: Art printouts, possibly your poster.
  • Do I have enough dice?
  • Scissors
  • Bring pencils
  • Death certificates, etc. (all appendices)
  • 4e quickstart rules.
  • Minis
  • Errata
  • Map and markers
  • Pogs
  • Extra pogs


Priority 1

  • Print death certificates, etc. (all appendices)
  • Read adventures.
  • Make/find SyDarkSun flyers.
  • Pick out minis for PCs
  • Enter PCs/Monsters into Combat Assistant
  • Pick out dungeon tiles
  • Assemble cart(s)

Priority 2

  • Make Pogs.
  • Make printouts of monster pictures.
    • Weapons from DSCS
    • Half-giant Mercenary
    • Dray Defiler
    • Ymira?
    • Crodlu
    • Baazrags
  • Clean up the intro speech, above.
  • Look up the rules of hidden club.

Priority 3

  • Write a formal “intro to the setting” speech? “It is a time of turmoil”, etc.?
  • Look up PC backgrounds
  • Reread PH (combat rules)?
  • Redo shirt
  • Enter Errata

To Buy (possibly)

Priority 1

  • Do I have enough dice?
  • Another Five-star binder for errata

Priority 2

  • Landscape binder

Priority 3

  • Heroes of the Fallen Lands
  • Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms
  • Rules Compendium
  • Heroes of Shadow
  • Martial Power 2
  • Primal Power
  • Player’s Handbook Heroes Miniatures
  • Heroes of the Feywild
  • Heroes of the Elemental Chaos
  • Dragon Annual (all 4e)




Determine weather.



  1. Keep an eye on the time.



Weather forecast

It’s low sun, so -2 adjustment to the temperature chart. Wind doesn’t matter unless it’s Storm or better. Well, I suppose Strong would result in a nice breeze in the city.

Moon forecast


Encounter 5: B’rohg Ambush

So the map is of the opposite side of the road from where the False Oasis is. That explains the lack of oasis, mekillots, etc.



  • Ymira fights naked for greater crowd-pleasing (and distraction) effect. Except her Cha is 8 and her Int is 10…hm. That doesn’t mean she’s not sexy, but it does mean the distraction effect may not work very well. Maybe I should change her Cha.
  • p. 23 – Scuppernong bushes: Cool!

To Do

Session Creation Order


Pending Events

Campaign Notes

Known NPCs

Unused NPC names

  • Xebron
  • Tumya, elf female
  • Lobuu, elf male
  • Lazra, dwarf female
  • Hai, dwarf male
  • Alie, half-elf female
  • Boaz, half-elf male
  • Atrocia, half-giant female
  • Pegen, half-giant male
  • Lyra, human female
  • Kyuln, human male
  • Mersten, mul female
  • Cocoton, mul male
  • K’kikrik, thri-kreen


Combat Planner

Refer to the Combat Assistant app. Make sure to pre-enter monsters.


Calion Calion

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