Players begone!

This is the DM support campaign for SyDarkSun. In particular, it has secret maps that the players aren’t privy to, as well as the Adventure plans for each session, and a smattering of other stuff that’s useful for the DM and Co-DMs, but not for player consumption.

I’ve made this public so that other DMs can take advantage of what I’ve done here. If you are a player in SyDarkSun, go away!

SyDarkSun Players: If the existence of this site represents too strong a temptation to you, let me know.

Information for Co-DMs:

Other secret information should probably go in GM-only pages, or in GM-only sections in pages, of the main campaign, although this is not an unacceptable place to put it. In particular, the forums here would be a good place to coordinate between DM’s.

Right now the wiki is primarily for locations to go on a map, but feel free to create other wiki pages if it serves some purpose.

SyDarkSun DM Site

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